SBT 3 Ply Reusable Cotton Face Mask | No Valve | Pack of 10

559.00 399.00

  • Made in India
  • 100% Cotton
  • Washable and Reusable
  • 3 Layer of protection
  • Electrostatic cotton 2.5 pm
  • Mix Design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • One Day Delivery

The 3 Ply Reusable Cotton face mask is made with care and hygiene, we follow all the guidelines to prevent COVID-19 spread in Mysuru and our delivery person are adapted to the new normal of being sanitized themselves and use a face mask, hand gloves, and face shield while delivering the product the customer.

The 3 Ply Reusable Cotton face mask is made with 3 layers of material as follows

  1. The first layer of SBT 3 Ply Face Mask is 100% cotton fabric in mix color and design
  2. The second layer includes a material used in making of N95 mask that is electrostatic cotton 2.5 pm quality which removes 99.99% of germs and viruses
  3. The third layer is a simple cotton fabric of relatively hard material and here it is used for covering the mask

Features of SBT 3 Ply Reusable Cotton Face Mask

  • 99.99% protection from germs and viruses
  • Electrostatic cotton 2.5 pm
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Feel Comfy to wear
  • Unisex
  • Sweat Free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made in India
  • No Valve face mask
  • Easily Breathable
  • 3 layer of protection
  • 100% cotton fabric

The SBT 3 Ply Reusable Cotton Face Mask is suitable for everyone which gives 99.99% protection from all types of germs and viruses which may enter the human body. As the government of India suggests the mask manufacturer not to use a respiratory valve with silicon filter as it is one-way flow filter that filters the air which is entering the human body but it will directly outflow the air from the mouth which dangerous if these types of the mask worn by a corona infected person he can infect other around him despite wearing a face mask. Learn More

As it is a No valve face mask we believe it will give 99.99% protection from germs and viruses.

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