Top Highlights of Modi Speech In Mysuru 9th April 2019

PM Narendra in Mysuru Rally addressing the people of Mysuru said, Initially in the speech, PM Modi welcomes the people from Mysore, Chamarajanagara, Hassan and Mandya present in the rally and he said that he had been in Mysuru for several times but never seen these type of heavy response today have in Mysuru and got surprised too. Then he starts the speech by praying the Goddess of Mysuru, Chamundeshwari Devi and also praying to Sir M Vishweshwarayya with all his work done in Mysuru.

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Top Highlights of Modi Speech In Mysuru

  • After the Completion Mysore – Bangalore Highway widening, Mysuru will be more developed
  • Under UDAAN Yojana Mysuru is Getting benefited with more Flights
  • India’s first Post Office Passport Center is at Mysuru
  • In Past 5 years Mysuru and our country is benefited by Cleanness, Culture, Security, and Space technology with the hand of Citizens of India in 21 century.
  • Modi said about yesterdays launch of BJP Manifesto and started explaining the promises of Manifesto
  • BJP join hands to strengthen our armed force by continuing the free hands on them.
  • By the year 2030, BJP turns India into the 3rd largest economy in the world, Expansion of the Infrastructure sector, 50 Indian cities to have Metro rail, also BJP promises to double the number of the functional airport in India in next 5 years.
  • BJP promises to double the number of doctors in India in 5 more years and also proving loans to entrepreneurs up to 50 lakhs without any guarantee.
  • PM Modi gives a counter to Congress says selfish to PM and middle-class families by ensuring rewards to the honest taxpayer in India and also reminds that in UPA government there was only 2 lakhs exemption in income tax and now NDA government income tax exemption amount is raised to 5 lakhs which will directly benefit the middle-class group in India.
  • Modi said there is full control over inflation in India and also we can see the decrease in interest rate in the home and educational loans.
  • Congress gives our country 2G scam but BJP provides cheapest smartphone and worlds cheapest mobile data in India
  • Karnataka Government doesn’t provide the data list of farmers in India
  • Ambareesh works to develop the Kannada language is enormous, Ambareesh with his wife Sumalatha had done great work for Kannada.

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