Mysore To Bangalore Railway Timings And Ticket Price 2021

Mysore To Bangalore Train Timings: Post-Covid times Indian Railways has imposed various rule and regulation in which one cannot buy the railway ticket directly at the counter and have to file in the details of the commuter and submit the same to counter or you also book railway ticket online from various portal affiliate to IRCTC, here I’ve list all 40 trains from Mysore To Bangalore with train number, name, departure time, duration and arrival. You can also download the list of all 40 trains from MYS to SBC by clicking here


Mysore To Bangalore Train Timings

Train NoTrain NameDepartureArrivalDurationService Days
22818MYS HOWRAH EXP00:3002:502h20mMon
16524BANGALORE EXP05:3008:002h30mSun, Fri, Sat
16518BANGALORE EXP05:3008:002h30mSun, Fri, Sat
16217MYS SNSI EXPRESS05:3008:002h30mMon
6518MAQ SBC EXPRESS05:5008:402h50mSun, Tue, Fri
17326VISHWAMANAV EXP05:5008:553h05mSMTWTFS
6504MYS SBC EXP06:4509:352h50mSMTWTFS
16215CHAMUNDI EXP06:4509:352h50mSMTWTFS
6229MYS BSB FEST SPL07:2009:552h35mTue, Thur
16229MYS BSB EXP07:2009:552h35mTue, Thur
12578BAGMATI EXPRESS07:2009:552h35mSat
16023MALGUDI EXP08:2510:552h30mSMTWTFS
19668UDZ HUMSAFAR EXP10:0012:102h10mThur
12975JAIPUR EXPRESS10:3012:552h25mThur, Sat
2578MYS DBG FEST SPL10:4013:202h40mFri
2975MYS JP EXP10:4013:102h30mThur, Sat
12613TIPPU EXPRESS11:3014:002h30mSMTWTFS
12008SHATABDI EXP14:1516:101h55mExcept Wed
6540MYS SBC EXP14:3017:102h40mExcept Sun
16557RAJYARANI EXP14:3017:102h40mSMTWTFS
12786KACHEGUDA EXP14:4517:402h55mSMTWTFS
2786MYS KCG FEST SPL15:1517:552h40mSMTWTFS
16535GOLGUMBAZ EXP15:3018:303hmSMTWTFS
6535MYS SUR EXP15:4518:302h45mSMTWTFS
6232MYS MV FEST SPL16:3018:452h15mSMTWTFS
16219CMNR TPTY EXP17:0020:203h20mSMTWTFS
16236TUTICORIN EXP18:0521:053hmSMTWTFS
6236MYS TN FEST SPL18:2021:052h45mSMTWTFS
6582MYS UBL EXP18:3521:503h15mSMTWTFS
16210AJMER EXPRESS18:3521:302h55mTue, Thur
6210MYS AII FEST SPL19:0022:003hmTue, Thur
16592HAMPI EXP19:0021:552h55mSMTWTFS
16227TALGUPPA EXP19:3022:303hmSMTWTFS
22681CHENNAI EXPRESS20:1022:502h40mWed
16022KAVERI EXPRESS21:0023:452h45mSMTWTFS
11065MYS RU EXP22:5501:202h25mFri
56263BANGALORE PASSR23:5504:154h20mSMTWTFS

*The Timings Between These Railway Lines are subjected to Change in any Time, For More and Updated/current Information Visit IRCTC Official Website.

Mysore To Bangalore Train Schedule first better we know some interesting fact about Mysore Junction Railway and fastest train running around the way.

Mysore Junction

Mysore To Bangalore Major Railways Stations

Mysore Junction railway station is one of the old railways of Karnataka, which was built in 1870, 149 years ago. Initially, it has a meter gauge railway tracks to Bengaluru, and now it entirely upgraded to Broad gauge railway track. Also last year Mysore to Bangalore Railway Tracks gets electrified and introduced new electric locomotive (Engines) across the line to ensure maximum speed and less pollution.

Mysore Junction Railway station has 6 Platforms lines and 760 meters long which have three different Route viz: Mysore to Bangalore which connect eastern states of Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh, Mysore to Hassan which connect Arsikere then northern district of Karnataka, and Mysore to Chamaraja Nagar through Nanjanagud Town.

Mysore junction was the important railway station for the people of Bengaluru who travel to Hassan district through Railway because Bengaluru doesn’t have railway line to Hassan, therefore the train which has to travel to Hassan has comes through Mysore Junction and then reaches Hassan. but now the construction new railway line from Bengaluru to Hassan has been completed so there are no problems to travel from Bengaluru to Hassan.

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Fastest Train Between Mysore To Bangalore Route

Satabdi Express is one of the fastest trains between Mysore to Bangalore which cover 139 KM in just 2 hours at the maximum speed of 140 KMPH

Tippu Express is also the fastest train traveling from Mysore to Bengaluru which reaches Bengaluru in just 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Mysore to Bangalore train may not have the fastest train in India but cover maximum speed between the two cities and all train traveling from Mysore to Bangalore has the permission of maximum speed of 130 KMPH.

Also, know Mysore To Chamarajanagar Train Timings

Mysore To Bangalore All Passing Stations

  • Mysore Junction (MYS)
  • Naganahalli (NHY)
  • Shrirangapatna (S)
  • Pandavapura (PANP)
  • Chandragirikoppal (CGKR)
  • Byadarahalli (BDRL)
  • Yeliyur (Y)
  • Mandya (MYA)
  • Hanekere (HNK)
  • Nidagatta Halt (NXH)
  • Settihalli (SET)
  • Channapatna (CPT)
  • Ramanagaram (RMGM)
  • Ketohalli (KHLL)
  • Bidadi (BID)
  • Hejjala (HJL)
  • Kengeri (KGI)
  • Jnana Bharathi (GNB)
  • Nayandahalli (NYH)
  • KSR Bengaluru (SBC)


  • What is the train timings from Mysore to Bangalore?

The Train Timings between Mysore To Bangalore is Listed above

  • What time is Shatabdi from Bangalore to Mysore?

Shatabdi Express is the fastest train between Mysore to Bangalore, its highest speed is 120 Km/hrs. It leaves Bangalore at 11:00 AM and reaches Mysore Junction at 1:00 PM later leaves Mysore at 2:15 PM and reaches Bangalore at 4:15 PM.

  • How can I go from Bangalore to Mysore?

A traveler from Bangalore to Mysore can travel from Train, Bus or Cabs in which the complete railway timings are given above.

  • What is the distance between Bangalore to Mysore?

Bangalore to Mysore is one of the busiest routes in Karnataka, in which you travel in a train it takes 139 KM and if you wanna take roadways then the total Kilometer is 145.

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