List of 65 Council Members of Mysuru City Corporation 2022

Are you looking for the updated list of all corporators in Mysuru City Corporation (MCC)? then you are in the right place, in the article I’ll walk you through the list of 65 council members of Mysuru city corporation, which also includes their contact number.

Before going to the list first let’s have a quick look at the timeline of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) begins with the local body election conducted in Sep 2018.


  1. On 3rd Sep 2018 the results of Local Bodies Elections of Mysuru City Corporation had been announced in which BJP acquires 22 seats and INC and JDS gets 19 and 18 seats respectively.
  2. 24 Feb 2021: A poll has been conducted for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor post, among the council member of the Mysuru City corporation that results in Mrs.Rakmumi Madegowda chairs as the mayor of Mysuru with 43 votes and Mr. Anwar Baig being elected as the deputy mayor of Mysuru with 44 votes, dated 24th Feb 2021.
  3. Updated 25 Aug 2021: After the Ex-Mayor of MCC Mrs. Rukmini Made Gowda of JDS disqualified by the High Court, because of a fake asset affidavit the mayor’s post was empty, so there held a poll among the members of  MCC on 25 Aug 2021 which results in Ms. Sunanda Palanetra with 26 votes become the Hon’ble Mayor of Mysuru and first-ever Mayor from BJP ever since the MCC come into existence.

According to the latest Data of Mysuru city corporation’s official Website, here is the List of 65 Council Members and Mayor & Deputy Mayor of Mysuru City Corporation 2018.

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Mayor and Deputy Mayor of MCC

Sunanda PalanetraMayor
Name: Sunanda Palanetra
Word No: 59
Caste: GM
Contact No: 9945152827
Elected From: Kuvempunagara M Block
Deputy Mayor of MysoreDeputy Mayor
Name: Anwar Baig
Word No: 10
Caste: OBC
Contact No: 8546994957
Elected From:  RajeevaNagara, Mysuru

Members of Mysuru City Corporation
(Mysuru Corporators List 2021)

NameWord No.Contact
Member of Mysore City CorporationB. Lakshmi019901423340Hebbal,
Member of Mysore City CorporationPrema029945732169MancheGowdana Koppalu
member of mysore city corporationK.V.Sridhar039900908020Mahadeshwara Layout
member of mysore city corporationPailavan Srinivas049900192368Hebbal,


member of mysore city corporationUsha058951269389Kumbarakoppalu
member of mysore city corporationSBM Manju069886249004Gokulam
member of mysore city corporationV. Ramesh079164048862Metagalli
member of mysore city corporationAkmal Pasha089731937317Bannimantap Hudco Layout
member of mysore city corporationSamiulla Khan099538654578Kesare
member of mysore city corporationAnwar Baig108546994957RajeevaNagara
Mayor of Mysore City CorporationPushpalatha119741555589
Mahadevpura Road
member of mysore city corporationAyaj Pasha129945627878Shantinagara
Indragandi Road
member of mysore city corporationAyub Khan139845278362Udayagiri
member of mysore city corporationSavud Khan149845480644Satyanagara
member of mysore city corporationPradeep Chandra159916588800Rajendranagar
member of mysore city corporationArif Husen169901194440Subhash Nagara
member of mysore city corporationReshma Bhanu179448064382


member of mysore city corporationGuru Vinayak189035387708Yadavagiri
member of mysore city corporationBhagya Madesh199880905005Jayalakshmipuram
member of mysore city corporationC. Vedavathi219986560381Gangotri Layout
member of mysore city corporationNamratha229880866667Paduvarahalli
member of mysore city corporation M. Pramila239964874954Subbarayanakere
member of mysore city corporationC.Ramesh249845268268Mandi Mohalla
M.U.SubaiahR.Rangaswamy259845610944Tilak Nagara
member of mysore city corporationTasneem269738334034Meena Bazaar
member of mysore city corporationMohamad RaPhik279845129813Veeranagere
member of mysore city corporationDr. Ashwini289060912727Gandinagara
M.U.SubaiahSyad Hasarathulla29 9901315552N R Mohalla
member of mysore city corporationUsha30 9845030532Kyatamaranahalli
Deputy Mayor Of Mysore City CorporationShaphi Ahamed31 9663562485K N Pura, Ghousia Nagara
member of mysore city corporationShanthakumari32 9449203240Usmania Nagara, Ghousia Nagara A Block
member of mysore city corporationBashir Ahamed339845288786Aziz Sait Nagar
member of mysore city corporationHajeera Seema349448350923Kalyanagiri
member of mysore city corporationSathvik359731474999Sathagalli

Rajani Anaiah
369900162646Yaraganahalli, Ambedkar Colony
member of mysore city corporationAshwini377337776494Raghavendra Nagara
M.U.SubaiahC.Sridhar389886610599Giribovi Palya
member of mysore city corporationSathyaraj39 9945622701Gayatri Puram 1st Stage
member of mysore city corporationM.Sathish409342156363Lashkar Mohalla
member of mysore city corporationR.Nagaraj419448069599Devaraja Mohalla
M.U.SubaiahM.Shivakumar429945166696K G Koppal
M.U.SubaiahGopi439342050607T k Layout
member of mysore city corporationSavitha449900119004JanathaNagara
member of mysore city corporationK.Nirmala459448654164SharadaDevinagara
member of mysore city corporationM.Lakshmi469901601015Dattagalli
member of mysore city corporationShivakumar479448403302Kuvempunagara
member of mysore city corporationM.S.Shobha489686202120Jayanagara
member of mysore city corporationN.Sowmya499845046919Lakshmipuram
member of mysore city corporationV.Lokesh 509972918999Sunnadakeri
member of mysore city corporationB.V.Manjunath519343441210Agrahara
member of mysore city corporationChayadevi528095659727Ittigegudu
member of mysore city corporationRoopa539108212468Kurubarahalli
member of mysore city corporationPuttanigamma549845116206Gundurao Nagara
member of mysore city corporationM.V.Ramaprasad559448048217Chamundi Puram
member of mysore city corporationBegum(Palavi)569845326246Krishnamurthypuram
member of mysore city corporationM.C.Ramesh579845997921Kuvempunagara CITB
member of mysore city corporationSharath Kumar587349014409Ramakrishnanagara
member of mysore city corporationSunanda599945152827Kuvempunagara M Block
member of mysore city corporationBhuvaneshwari609845806755Ashokapuram
member of mysore city corporationShobha618970190984Vidyaranyapuram
member of mysore city corporationShanthamma629986926649Vishweshwaranagara
member of mysore city corporationSharadamma639482979997J P Nagara
member of mysore city corporationChampaka649984123585Arvind Nagara
member of mysore city corporationGeetha659448246583SriRamapura
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